Welcome to Renaissance And Action Ltd. We Provide Same Day Delivery on Demand.

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Strategic Help


With $8, you can send 1 merchandise package that is less than 40 pounds to customers, businesses, friends, or families anywhere in Calgary city.  The price is subject to GST tax.

Happens in Real Time

Receive real time delivery status notifications, and keep track of package locations on the road.

Order Delivery

Download the RAAlocal app on App Store, or Google Play

How it works

Same Day Delivery

Renaissance And Action platform felicitates delivery on demand to our crowdsourced drivers and customers. You're no need to hire drivers, or go through all slow processes of couriers. The fastest and most flexible same-day delivery is now also the cheapest shipping option from Renaissance And Action.

Whether you’re sending packages to customers, or need to pick up for your business, or personal items, Renaissance And Action is available to help —download the app and send your first package today. 

Easiest way to send a package

It's changing way for businesses to reach out more customer bases without physical stores in the city.

 Individual will find the most convenient way to send packages to your friends and families from door to door.

You will see sender and receiver's photo at the end of the delivery.

Low-cost to Convenient

With a fix rate to delivery across the city, our drivers will come to pick packages up at your locations.