How to get packages?

  • Install RAAexpress app on the Google Play, or App Store.
  • Fill out profile information.
  • Search for available packages, or register your trip for upcoming packages.
  • Switch to be a driver, or sender with the same account in RAAexpress app.

A fun way to drive

Want free gas, and some breakfasts?

Have extra spaces at the back of vehicles, and drive to your destinations anyway. Fill up some packages to deliver, and help to offset transportation costs.

Pay out daily

Drivers will get paid after every delivery. Depending on different banks, it may take one to two days to deposit your account.

Help environment

Maximize use of resources and spaces in empty vehicles while driving.

Ready for delivery

Trusted identity

Senders, and drivers can only use one phone number to register the account. RAAexpress will get users' photo ID, and direct deposit information.

Pay per package

Compensation fee is for each package that has a size less than L + W + H = 72'', and under 33 lbs. Each location will has correspondent compensation fee per package.

Package photos

You will see all photos of the delivery packages.

Checkout RAAexpress app now. Google Play, App Store.