Our Motivation

Renaissance And Action Ltd. is overwhelmingly exited with the innovation of blockchain technology that high third party payment fees such as credit cards will be eliminated. Financial transactions can be decentralized without intermediate parties on blockchain network. RAA sees this trend of innovation will have dramatic potential to reshape the payment industries, and brings a lot of benefits to customers, and businesses.  

Our Vision

Package delivery service is in high demand right now and will be more in the near future. RAA sees decentralized transactions and cryptocurrency rewarding programs  will strengthen RAA's business ecosystem to provide the best,  fastest, and most innovative delivery service to customers and businesses with the best price.

RAAcoin will be served as united currency for customers and RAA when expanding to international, and get rid of unfair currency exchange rates and service fees.  

RAAcoin holders not only will profit from appreciation of the currency that is supported by fundamental business activities, but can use it as currency to get discounted service from RAA.  

RAAcoin Potential

 RAAcoin is a pure cryptocurrency of fixed supply. RAAcoin is designed to accommodate a broad range of financial transactions and storing value. Like other cryptocurrencies, units of RAAcoin are fungible and transferable, and they will be expected to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges 


 Beside that, RAAcoin’s price will appreciate over time that it is supported by fundamental economy activities from RAA Ecosystem and in return the currency will benefit RAA’s strategic advantage with better pricing position.   RAA will promote further circulation of RAAcoin by regularly providing discount using part of its revenue on top of third party transaction fees when customers use RAA service.    For further expansion to be a viable, useful, and valuable cryptocurrency, RAA will create a cryptocurrency payment system like Stripe to traditional businesses that will be integrated easily on their webpages and apps to accept RAAcoin for free. 

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